Zero-shot CoT Trigger

Let’s work this out in a step by step way to be sure we have the right answer.
Take a deep breath and work on this problem step-by-step.
You are a leading expert on this topic
Pretend you have IQ 120
below, delimited by triple backticks ``` ```
Text: '''{text}'''
Generate x, then critique them for how their match to x, then and rank them out of 10. If the score is not 10, repeat the process until a name worthy of a score of 10 is generated.
Format your response as a JSON object with "Sentiment", "Anger", "Item" and "Brand" as the keys. If the information isn't present, use "unknown" as the value. Make your response as short as possible. Format the Anger value as a boolean.
The output should be a markdown code snippet formatted in the following schema, including the leading and trailing "```json" and "```": ```json { "brand_name": string // This is the name of the brand "likelihood_of_success": string // This is an integer score between 1-10 "reasoning": string // This is the reasons for the score } ```
You must format your output as a JSON value that adheres to a given "JSON Schema" instance. "JSON Schema" is a declarative language that allows you to annotate and validate JSON documents. For example, the example "JSON Schema" instance {{"properties": {{"foo": {{"description": "a list of test words", "type": "array", "items": {{"type": "string"}}}}}}, "required": ["foo"]}}}} would match an object with one required property, "foo". The "type" property specifies "foo" must be an "array", and the "description" property semantically describes it as "a list of test words". The items within "foo" must be strings. Thus, the object {{"foo": ["bar", "baz"]}} is a well-formatted instance of this example "JSON Schema". The object {{"properties": {{"foo": ["bar", "baz"]}}}} is not well-formatted. Your output will be parsed and type-checked according to the provided schema instance, so make sure all fields in your output match the schema exactly and there are no trailing commas! Here is the JSON Schema instance your output must adhere to. Include the enclosing markdown codeblock: ```json { "section_1": string, "section_2": string, "section_3": string, "section_4": string, "section_5": string } ```