Reverse Prompt Engineering Twitter Tweets

I want to use reverse prompt engineering, where you help me create prompts based on tweets I give you that would be optimized and ideal for producing similar tweets.
can you give me an example of generalized reverse prompt engineering a tweet?
Extract the most semantically relevant entities from this {tweet}. Put the entities into a chart, numbering them in the first column, listing them in the second column, and including their salience scores in the third column. tweet = [tweet]
Make a reverse prompt engineer the {tweet}. Give me a single generalized prompt that starts with "Write a tweet" that would create a similar tweet. The tone and writing style should be included in the prompt. The entities #1-2 should also be mentioned as needing to be included in the output in the prompt. Ignore entities #3-4.
===== copy generated reverse prompt to new ChatGPT chat =====
much shorter