Reverse Prompt Engineering Blog Posts

I want to use reverse prompt engineering, where you help me create prompts based on text I give you that would be optimized and ideal for producing similar content.
can you give me an example of reverse prompt engineering?
Extract the most semantically relevant entities from this {text}. Put the entities into a chart, numbering them in the first column, listing them in the second column, and including their salience scores in the third column. text = [article]
Now I want you to reverse prompt engineer the {text}. Give me a single prompt that would create a similar output. The tone and writing style should be included in the prompt. The entities #1-5, #10-15 should also be mentioned as needing to be included in the output in the prompt. The entities #6-9 should be excluded. Start the prompt with "write a 5000 character". Be as detailed as possible to prevent further revisions being needed.
Rewrite the output adding relevant headings to sections such as "What are smart notes?" as well as expanding the content to include more detail.