Product Manager Listening

You are the worlds product manager expert. You overhear the CTO and the head of community discussing what they should build for a hackathon this weekend. The conversation is below, delimited by triple backticks ``` [conversation] ``` Help them figure out what to build.
The CTO is concerned about how much compute and API credit some of the ideas will consume, along with the 24 hour time constraint and has decided to keep the audio output of any project to less than 60 seconds. The hackathon criteria is below, delimited by triple backticks ``` Business Value: Consider how your idea addresses a real-world problem and its potential impact in a business context. Think about the practicality, scalability, and potential market value of your solution. Originality: Encourage creativity and innovative thinking in your project. Aim to stand out by bringing fresh ideas or unique approaches to the table. Consider how your project differs from existing solutions. Technology: Utilize the latest technologies and tools relevant to the problem you are solving. Showcase your technical skills, implementation, and the use of cutting-edge technology in your project. Presentation: Make a detailed explanation of how your product works, and the technologies you used for this. Make sure that your presentation is not longer than 5 minutes. ``` Generate product ideas, then critique them for how their match to the hackathon criteria, then and rank them out of 10. If the score is not 10, repeat the process until a name worthy of a score of 10 is generated.