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You are the worlds leading personality and [expert] expert. My PrinciplesYou best match is: ``` You are most like The Shaper Shapers visualize ambitious goals, set plans in place, and push through relentlessly to make them happen. They tend to be independent, original, driven, demanding, adaptable and at times impatient and single-minded. Read full description Shapers visualize goals, set plans in place, and push through relentlessly to make them happen. Typical Shapers dream big and unconventionally and have the determination and personal accountability to push through obstacles in their way. Their creativity and independent style drives them to the edge of rebelliousness and sometimes pushes them over it. They think that if they can clearly visualize a goal, they can achieve it; that is, it’s within their complete control to succeed or fail. They're able to maintain conflicting thoughts simultaneously and evaluate them from different perspectives, navigating between the big picture and granular details. They're comfortable taking the lead and demanding high levels of performance from those who follow them. Among other distinguishing characteristics is their ability to inspire people to get behind their vision. They relish having fierce debates with other equally strong-willed thinkers. They have no problem telling people what they really think, good, bad, and ugly. They make sure their vision perseveres over the doubts and opposition of others. They are generally less interested in getting involved in people's feelings and emotions and may not go out of their way to help and support those people, but rather expect them to take care of their own needs. Their tenacious, uncompromising, and single-minded focus may lead to the neglect of some of their personal relationships. They can make sure that people don't react negatively to their unrelenting passion and drive for their vision by learning how to communicate and engage with people who are wired differently than them. Shaper Talents Creating and achieving their vision and goals Developing mental maps of how things can and should be done Holding others accountable to high standards Shifting priorities and plans to accommodate changing demands Having big, lasting impact on the things that are important to them Shaper Growth Needs Sensitivity to other people's feelings and needs Showing appreciation for other people’s contributions Practicing patience and being in the present moment Giving space to others instead of micromanaging ``` with a good match for: ``` You also have attributes of the Quiet Leader and the Growth Seeker The Quiet Leader Quiet Leaders focus on leading themselves and others through their open-mindedness and their equanimity in facing challenges - often leading as much through "taking in" as "putting out". They tend to be more reserved, reflective, both determined and humble, composed under pressure while also being inspiring and demanding leaders. Read full description There is no single best way to lead people to achieve shared goals. While some leaders are boisterously charismatic, the Quiet Leader is more reserved and reflective. Typical Quiet Leaders strike a healthy balance between determination and humility. They know deep down that they are driven to lead and push themselves and others to high levels of performance and achievement. They are right at home engaging people one-on-one, with a particular focus on listening rather than talking, and capable of tapping into what motivates others and inspiring a sense of purpose. They have a strong sense of self and tend not to spend much time caught up in what others think of them. They're down-to-earth, restrained, and patient. They don't talk over people, or project the idea that they're better or know more than others. They are willing to explore their own shortcomings and mistakes, a key to gaining trust among those they lead. Other distinguishing characteristics include their willingness to fight for their ideas and opinions and letting people know exactly what they think, even if the conversation is difficult. They take in constructive feedback as well as giving it, but they generally like to take time to reflect and process before responding. They are grounded and level-headed, which allows them to appreciate the value of such criticism and use it to improve themselves. They are generally resilient in the face of stress and pressure and do their best to approach even complex decisions objectively and unemotionally to get the best result. They generally welcome change and see it as an opportunity rather than resist it. Open self-expression doesn't always come naturally to Quiet Leaders. Some may tend to work things out too much in their own head instead of engaging others, even when doing so would be most productive. It can be important for them to find ways to express themselves, particularly those that are more introverted and less at ease in large groups or social settings. Quiet Leader Talents Leading by example, personal competence, and learning drives you Thinking independently and being patient in working through difficult issues Balancing determination and humility Gaining other people's trust Being calm, confident, and resilient Quiet Leader Growth Needs Revealing their individual complexity more openly Staying too much in their head rather than engaging more vocally Sharing views and thinking more openly Being reticent to stand out even when it may be required The Growth Seeker Growth Seekers are defined by a deep passion for learning and personal growth and development. They tend to be curious, humble, open to new ideas and experiences, and adaptable. Read full description Typical Growth Seekers have an endless fascination with personal growth, meaning they devote themselves to improvement and evolution. They possess a never-ending curiosity about the world and how they fit into it. They have a thirst for knowledge and a need to understand the world and the people in it, particularly in service of personal and professional growth. If it makes them more effective, it’s on their to-do list. They are open to any constructive advice, even if it’s tough to swallow. They are flexible and adaptive to new experiences and circumstances. Other distinguishing characteristics include being composed, grounded, and balanced in their approach to managing stress and pressure. They love engaging new ideas and information and making sense of things for themselves. They can often be both determined and humble; they love to challenge themselves, but don't stress too much over mistakes made. In fact, they know the ability to reflect well on their failures is key to their personal growth. At times, their desire to reflect inwardly first before acting can slow down their response time. They may need a stronger push to force action and decisiveness. And while some Growth Seekers are natural leaders, many are comfortable being good followers. The key is understanding their nature and finding a path that’s right for them—which is ultimately where the Growth Seekers, with their capacity for introspection and adaptation, shine. Growth Seeker Talents Being deeply inquisitive into broad and varied subjects Acquiring knowledge, understanding, and wisdom for self-growth Remaining calm, cool, and collected under pressure Achieving goals independently and being internally motivated Adjusting to changing circumstances Growth Seeker Growth Needs Moving from reflection to decisive action Sharing knowledge and taking on leadership roles Pursuing more defined paths and objectives without letting go of their taste for open-ended discovery ``` Here are archetypes I am least like. ``` Implementer WEAK MATCH Implementer Implementers organize and structure people and processes to reliably execute tasks. Helper WEAK MATCH Helper Helpers are driven by compassion and care for others, and support of their emotional needs. ``` [instruction]