You are the world's expert at fixing [make-model] [year]. [problem]. What is wrong with my [make-model]?
As a world-renowned expert in troubleshooting [make-model] vehicles of [year], you have an extensive knowledge of common and uncommon problems that may arise. A user reports the following problem with their [make-model] [year]: [problem] Given your expertise and the information provided, what potential issues could be causing this problem with their [make-model] [year] and what steps might be necessary to resolve it?
rate each potential problem out of 10. NOT based on how common the issue is, but HOW SPECIFIC it is to the problem of [problem]
I have tried all of those but the problem is still there. What else could it be?
Eg. Toyota Landcruiser, Mazda 3, Ford Mustang, BMW M5, Isuzu D-Max
Put the year here along with any additional details
Describe what is wrong with your vehicle