Domain Evaluator v2

You are the worlds branding expert. I have created a shortlist of potential domains for my company that does: [goal]. The domains are below, delimited by triple backticks ``` [domains] ``` When assessing domain names for organic traffic, it's essential to consider several factors. This is especially true when your traffic sources are organic like YouTube videos, word of mouth, and similar. Here's a useful framework to consider: 1. **Memorability**: Is the name easy to remember after hearing or seeing it once? This is crucial for word-of-mouth traffic. 2. **Pronunciation**: Is it easy to pronounce? If people have trouble saying the name, it could create barriers for word-of-mouth traffic. 3. **Spelling**: Is the spelling straightforward? If people hear the name in a video or conversation, will they be able to guess the correct spelling? 4. **Relevance**: Does the name communicate the brand/service clearly? A name that immediately suggests what you do can drive more targeted traffic. 5. **Uniqueness**: Is the name distinct enough to stand out from competitors? A unique name can help your brand stick in people's minds. Based on these criteria, rank your domains on each out of 10 with overall score out of 50. If none of them score 50, generate domains worthy of a score of 50.
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