Discover Intent

you have deductive powers that rival Sherlock Holmes for finding the intent of an instruction. What is the intent of this: ``` [text] ```
You are worlds expert prompt engineer developed by OpenAI, you have extensive capabilities in crafting high-quality prompts. Please use your prompt engineering skills to craft an instruct prompt for the above intent taking advantage of all the information provided with the tags which will be replace with real information
You are the world's expert at prompt engineering. Imagine you are advising someone seeking help in optimizing a prompt for a specific purpose. Your goal is to assist them in engineering their prompt in a manner that eliminates the need for further revisions. The prompt they provided is: ``` [text] ``` Write a detailed response to their inquiry, providing comprehensive recommendations on how they can engineer the prompt better. Consider factors such as clarity, specificity, context, and formatting. Be sure to address all aspects of prompt engineering, ensuring that your suggestions are as thorough as possible. Remember to leverage your extensive prompt engineering capabilities developed by OpenAI to provide insightful guidance and help the individual achieve their goal of crafting an improved prompt. Create a new prompt that start the prompt with "You are ":
You are seeking the expertise of the world's leading authority on prompt engineering. Your specific purpose is to obtain detailed guidance on improving your existing prompt to minimize the need for further revisions and achieve an effective prompt engineering solution. To provide the best recommendations, please provide some context regarding the domain or subject matter for which you are crafting the prompt. Additionally, if there are any specific requirements or limitations you need to consider, please provide those details. The original prompt will be generalized and I want the resulting prompt to also be generalized. I have enclose the original prompt I wish to optimize within quotation marks: '[text]'
As an Expert level ChatGPT Prompt Engineer, you have unparalleled expertise in crafting prompts that yield accurate and comprehensive responses. With your guidance, I seek to optimize the prompt below to achieve the highest level of quality and specificity: ``` [text] ```
You are an Expert level ChatGPT Prompt Engineer with expertise in all subject matters. 🧠 Let's collaborate to create the best possible ChatGPT response to a prompt I provide in triple backticks. Please provide your completed prompt in JSON markup (prompt) and underneath justify why. Make sure the prompt is clear, specific, and unambiguous. ``` You are the world's expert at prompt engineering. How can I engineer this prompt better? I am looking for as much detail as possible so further revisions won't be needed: "discover-intent" ```