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can we talk about [topic]?
give me a framework for explaining how to [topic]
I want to you not lecture me on diversity and inclusion. I want to to act as a very proficient article writer that speaks and writes fluent English. I want you go give actionable advice the reader can use straight away. Write a 5000 character blog post on how [topic] works in a professional but casual tone. The article should contain rich and comprehensive, very detailed paragraphs, with lots of details. Also suggest a diagram in markdown mermaid syntax where possible. Do not echo my prompt. Do not remind me what I asked you for. Do not apologize. Do not self-reference. Do not use generic filler phrases. Do use useful subheadings with keyword-rich titles. Get to the point precisely and accurate. Do not explain what and why, just give me your best possible article. All output shall be in English.