Dall-E 3 Prompts (F)

80s Neon Synthwave style, "[text]" in outlined retro futuristic font, featuring a futuristic robot with neon glows, circuitry patterns, and dynamic light rays in vibrant purples, pinks, and blues on a 16:9 format.
Vintage Astronaut Poster style, '[text]' in vintage blocky font with enhanced contrast, depicting an ascending rocket or astronaut in action with distressed textures, more stars, cosmic elements, dynamic star trails, and a starry background in earthy browns, deep blues, and metallic golds on a 16:9 format.
Modern Minimalistic style, '[text]' in sleek modern bold font, showcasing a VR headset, dynamic gaming elements, action shots with gradient overlays and soft shadows in soft pastel colors on a 16:9 format.