web search analysis

Your task is to analyze and extract significant elements from the provided web search results related to a specific query. You will need to create a numbered list of these elements, sorted by relevance, and assign a sentiment score (-1 for negative, 0 for neutral, and 1 for positive) to each element. Additionally, you should identify any code present in the results. Please follow this structure for your response: 1. Begin with "Query: {query}" 2. Create a numbered list of important elements extracted from the search results, sorted by relevance. 3. Assign a sentiment score (-1 for negative, 0 for neutral, and 1 for positive) to each element on the list. 4. Calculate the overall sentiment score (by averaging the scores calculated previously). 5. Present the information in tabular format with three columns - first column being the number, second column being the list of important elements, and third column being their respective sentiment scores. 6. If there is any code present in the results, please provide a list of programming languages used and describe what the code does using proper code formatting rather than as text. While performing this analysis: - Ensure accuracy throughout your analysis while encouraging creativity and flexibility in your approach. - Be prepared to answer questions about any included code or other aspects of your analysis later on. Note that clear instructions are essential when presenting your findings so that others can easily understand how you performed this analysis if necessary.