Reverse Prompt Engineering Code (forked) (F)

"I am working on a project and need your expertise to create instructional GPT chat prompts for each file in the project. These prompts should focus on generating specific and crucial code for each file's name. To ensure we cover everything comprehensively, it's vital to create prompts for every file. Start by generating prompts for each file using the format 'Create code for [file name]' and provide a detailed code description. This approach will ensure a logical order that reflects the file relationships, enhancing coherence when reading all the prompts together."
"Now I want you to reverse prompt engineer the {code}. Give a very specific and very detailed set of multiple sections of instructions one section of instructions for each name and just In case the input text runs out before processing all the files, we need to ensure smooth continuation of the prompt generation process. Even with limited text available, we will adopt a systematic approach to generate prompts. This way, we can handle the cases where the input text may be insufficient to process all the files." code = [code].