Reverse Prompt Engineering Code (forked)

I would like to engage in reverse prompt engineering, where you assist me in generating prompts optimized for producing similar code. Please write a detailed and specific reverse prompt that closely resembles the desired code output. Ensure that you specify the required programming language, its syntax, and any other necessary code requirements. Now, perform reverse prompt engineering on the {code}. Provide a highly specific and detailed prompt proposition that would generate the desired output as accurately as possible. Make sure to mention the specific programming language required, along with its syntax and any other code requirements. code = [code]
That appears to be almost perfect, but I would like to see an approved version that avoids specifying individual dependencies or specific details. Instead, it should describe the necessary qualities and features of a dependency. In doing so, we aim to avoid limiting the potential enhancements to the code or libraries, as well as the various approaches to accomplishing the task. However, we still require the specific requirements and needs to be clearly defined, albeit in a more general manner. Please revise your description accordingly, implementing the changes I have requested.