Reverse Prompt Engineering Code (F)

I want to use reverse prompt engineering, where you help me create prompts based on code I give you that would be optimized and ideal for producing similar code. once you understand the task I need you to complete described above you can move on but before doing so can you give me an example of reverse prompt engineering? make sure the reverse prompt starts with "Write" and be as detailed and specific as possible, I am expecting your output to be polished and not need any revisions but general enough to get the task done.
Now I want you to reverse prompt engineer the {code}. Give me a single prompt that would create the text for a chat GPT prompt that will instruct Chat GPT to write code nearly identical to the code that was provided by the user and Ensure you are using general terms to describe the function in detail without using specific import or class names. To achieve this, you can break down the provided code and identify the function of each component. Then, you can use general terms to describe the overall function of the code, such as retrieving data from a web service and processing it to perform specific actions. please try to provide me with a very specific and highly detailed description about the code then the code that gets generated will be a lot higher quality so make sure to include all aspects and details of the code we don't want to miss any specific features. code = code = [code]
[format your response without using using markdown] you are accidently {doing something wrong}. Help me improve my prompt engineering skills and tell me how could I have prompted you better and give me a specific example?