console output summary (F)

"Please analyze the console output provided below and categorize the messages into three distinct sections based on their priority: 1. **Severe**: In this section, include messages that indicate critical issues or game-breaking problems. These are problems that demand immediate attention and resolution to ensure the game's functionality and stability. 2. **Moderate**: In this section, list messages that represent important but non-critical issues. These are problems that are significant but not urgent and can be addressed in due course to enhance the overall user experience. 3. **Other**: Include any messages that don't fall into the severe or moderate categories in this section. These may be informational or minor issues that do not directly impact gameplay or functionality. After categorizing the messages, based on your knowledge and expertise, please recommend specific actions to address and resolve the issues identified in each section. If there are no issues that require fixing, provide a concise and easy-to-read summary of what the console output signifies as a whole. Regardless of whether errors are present or not, a comprehensive console output summary is required. HERE IS THE CONSOLE OUTPUT: output = [output] Please ensure a thorough review of the output and place each message in the appropriate section according to its priority. Your categorization will help us prioritize and resolve critical issues efficiently. Thank you for your assistance!"