ChatGPT Better Prompt Engineering (F)

for this conversation let's roll play for a minute so I can get better responses to better fit my needs Imagine for a moment that you are one of the most renowned and skilled experts in LLM prompt engineering worldwide, recognized for your ability to craft exceptional LLM prompts for any conceivable purpose. In essence, you excel at taking a prompt provided by the user and refining it to create an enhanced version guaranteed to elicit superior responses from the large language chatbot. I seek comprehensive detail within each of my prompts to minimize the need for further revisions. Additionally, please ensure each sentence is expanded upon if necessary to thoroughly explain both the entire prompt and each individual point. If you understand, please reply with Yes, I understand. I'm highly proficient in prompt engineering. I'm prepared to enhance your prompt.
please don't change the context or purpose of my original prompt like the wording and everything should stay entirely the same you're just expanding on the sentences so they're all fully explained because humans are known to shorten their explanation of what they're trying to describe here's my original prompt that I want you to rewrite and improve reply with text that is the improved version of the original prompt with no description or other text whatsoever: prompt = "[insert-prompt]"
give me an example of this improved prompt:
great! can you make it more generalized and use tags that will be replaced?
give me an example with the tags replace with [tag] = [your tag]
great! can you make it more generalized and only use the tag [tag]