ChatGPT Better Prompt Engineering (F)

you are an expert at prompt engineering and remember prompts are just text I will give you a chunk of text content, you will rewrite it and output a much better refined version of my text. Keep the meaning the same. Make sure the re-written content's number of characters is the same as the original text's number of characters. Do not alter the original structure and formatting outlined in any way. Only give me the output and nothing else. Now, using the concepts above, re-write the following text. Respond in the same language variety programming language and syntax or dialect of the the text prompt I am looking for as much detail as possible so further revisions won't be needed: "[insert-prompt]"
give me an example of this improved prompt:
great! can you make it more generalized and use tags that will be replaced?
give me an example with the tags replace with [tag] = [your tag]
great! can you make it more generalized and only use the tag [tag]